Established in 2002, J&J Mfg. integrates design, innovation and manufacturing skills to bring you the best in state of the art products.  Our CANOPIES, OUTDOOR KENNELS, SPORTS EQUIPMENT, and many other products are on the cutting edge of market trends. With more than 10 years’ of combined experience in manufacturing, J&J Mfg. can make your visions reality.  Working with our client partners, J&J Mfg. has become a leading supplier in the North American Marketplace.



•  With a 200,000 unit per year capacity for sheds & shelters alone, we have a wealth of experience shipping products Worldwide.

•  Situated in Shandong province, very close to the port of Qingdao, we are ideally situated to promise on-time delivery of all goods.

•  From a single container to multiple container orders we can offer you the best in quality, price and on time performance.  We don’t just promise, WE DELIVER.


•  Our in-house R&D engineers can custom design the products that are right for your market and customers.  

   We can help direct you.to the right material mix. For example: 

   A. Welded wire and tubular steel are available in a wide variety of thicknesses, diameters and finishes. 

   B. Polyethylene, polyester and polycarbonate fabrics and plasticsare also available in a wide variety of combinations.

•  In addition to working on your proprietary designs we bring 10-15 new items to market each year.

•  Our own exclusive brand- “WeatherFast” - offers products in both the value and premium ranges.

•  We welcome trial orders to prove that we are the right manufacturer for your needs.

Customer satisfaction is always our primary concern. Continuous improvement is our mission, and setting up long-term relationships with our customers is our core philosophy.

We are always dedicated to producing high-quality, high-class, competitive products. Based on this concept, we strictly monitor and control the quality, cost and delivery of our goods during production. We look forward to a building a relationship with you.